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Morgan, 15, UK

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have my mother's Swedish friend, Yvonne, to thank (and blame?) for my newfound love of salt liquorice (SALMIAKKI!) and Swedish sweets in general.
I believe on my first taste, my reaction was disgust, probably saying something along the lines of "That's repulsive!" .. but I since have gotten used to the bitter, sour salty taste, mixed with some sort of sweetness.
So, following Yvonne's parcel she sent me of Swedish sweets, I finished them all...and ordered more...and yes, there is a lot...
But you see, shipping is so expensive, that I did a 'bulk' order to last many months (we'll see how long they really last)

It seems that salmiakki is definitely an acquired taste, as many Finnish and Swedish people have grown up with it, and therefore love it, whereas those who have never had a piece in their life, are repulsed on their first taste (as was I) .. but once you get used to it, you kind of really enjoy it.

From my new absolute favourite 'snack' I have learned that; a) The Swedish and Finnish (and other Europeans, excluding the Brits...although I'm generalising a bit here) have unusual taste in food (chocolate filled with salmiakki for example) and b) that these unusual snacks/foods are so so so addictive, and delicious!


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