this new romantic way

Morgan, 15, UK

Sunday, 7 November 2010


After having decorated my bedroom when I was 9/10; an age where anything pink, purple or with cute animals goes, I have since acquired much different interests; fashion, beauty aesthetics etc..and so these very different interests of mine throughout the past 4/5 years have seemed to mix together in this very odd way: lilac walls, fairies here and there, vintage bits there, huge modern cuddly toy over here, childhood pictures on one wall, magazine cut-outs on another. Looking around it, the mind's confused at the different pieces from different phases of my life.
And so thus has come the time for my room to be redecorated!

(to be added to)

Image sources include: Flickr, Google, Google Images, Urban Outfitters, Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley.


  1. Is your second name Bowden?
    If it is so's mine!:O