this new romantic way

Morgan, 15, UK

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Halloween might be a while away to some, but for me, just over a few weeks seems pretty soon! So, I've been planning what I'll be. And, yes, I decided on a original I know, I know ^_^
When halloween comes, I'll be trick-or-treating with my friends, and they might be cats too! So I'll be sure to post pictures!
But for now, here's my 'plan' made on polyvore, for what I'll wear on the 31st:


  1. That outfit will look great, I adore the jumper, it's so cute. Have fun trick-or-treating with your friends, I was going to go out but my friends have gone on German Exchange. Love your blog, Cordelia xx

  2. Thank you, I've since posted the pictures of halloween, and I wore that outfit ^^ but I wore a black top instead ;) xx