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Morgan, 15, UK

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Hihiiii, I haven't done a post on here in aaaaages, partially because of my new found love of, which I mentioned in my previous post.
Anyway, not too much has happened since then..except..
Imi and I took part in Francois Brunelle's 'I'm Not A Lookalike' project! See here: and we're currently awaiting the finished pictures..I'll post some when I've got them. We haven't seen them yet, so it's pretty exciting!
Also, the fair came to town on Wednesday, an on Friday night I went up to it with Chloe, where we met Alice, Zoe, Lily, James and Abi. I wish I'd taken some pictures, but I didn't take my camera ;(
Hmmm what elsee...oh! I found lots of old pictures of me, which I'd never seen before, whilst going through old cardboard boxes in the anex!


Imi and me before leaving for Francois' project.

a few weeks ago, my mum found her vintage Mulberry bag! Now Mulberry is my absolute favourite bag brand, so when she found this I was verrry happy.Worn with Breton top, plain jeans and converse lows.

And here are a few of the childhood pictures I found...


  1. This photos from your childhood are sooo cute:).