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Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Today, I was discussing with Imi, Mulberry bags; which are undeniably gorgeous..and she told me about a website called LUUX; where you write blog posts, tutorials and reviews which you then earn points from (luuux money) and when people comment on your post, and when you comment on other's posts, you get more luuux money. Eventually, once you've gained a huge amount of points, you can order luxury items such as designer bags, macbooks, ipods, phones, clothes, make up from their 'store' but instead of paying 'real' money, you pay in 'luuux money'
Of course it would take a long time and effort to achieve enough, but if you're prepared to do so, then you'd definitely appreciate the item once you get it (that is, of course, if you don't give up and get bored) But by adding more people on there, more people will see your posts and comment, therefore you'll get more luuux money.
If you want my luuux account, ask me personally please :)

Anyway, a little update. I started school last Thursday. Exactly a week ago today was my last day of the summer holidays, and I spent it with Chloe in the morning, Imi for a picnic at the beach, then Imi and Paul at the cinema to see 'The Switch' which is a very sweet film!

Imi's dog Harley!

And then last weekend it was Sam's birthday, so I went to her party with Chloe, her family, Alice and Imi...then Chloe and I went to Chaf and Charlie's to babysit with Chris! :)

You can see me, Chloe and Alice in the background, complaining that the Madonna cd was not being played ^_^

I love Lottie's top/dress

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