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Saturday, 21 August 2010


I've already pretty much acquired by 'A/W wardrobe' with things such as jumpers, hoodie dresses and knit tops, along with some cute, simple tops I can layer up when it gets colder.
I won't talk about them in this post, but I'm going to show you some of my favourite 'street style' pictures I've found for Autumn/Winter!

Mixing hot with cold
Along with many people, I've never been a huge fan of the mixing hot with cold combo, ie; shorts with tights. I'd always thought shorts are for summer. However, from being on Lookbook a little while now, and from looking at some people wear this combo nicely and with class, I've learned to realise that it doesn't always look bad. So, here are some people I think have made this combo work really well!

Frida Gustavsson
-Frida, I think has really made this combo look the best with her old looking denim shorts (worn high waisted) & black opaque tights (which both are generally pretty summery) but by getting the balance right on top with a jacket and simple blouse.

Lily Donaldson
-Lily's worn this combo pretty much the same way as Frida (black opaque tights, simple shoes, blouse and jacket), however she's replace the denim shorts with printed shorts.
If you wear the denim shorts (or other plain shorts with no print such as plain grey or khaki..or any block colour), you can perhaps go for a print on top, and if you wear the printed shorts, I'd suggest going for something plain on top!

I think it's safe to say that the shorts with tights combo actually can look lovely. Of course, it does depend on the person and how they wear it..but overall, it can work!

Of course there is still absolutely nothing wrong with simple; just chucking on a pair of skinny jeans and some boots (ankle boots..or flats..even converse!) and then just throwing a coat on over, as I found in a street style picture of Siri!

Siri Tollerod

Hm...leggings and tights..
Ok I've also been one who really dislikes leggings or tights used as a substitute for trousers. However, if, and only if, the top is longggg...then I'll admit it can look nice.
I've not found many people who've made this look great, but I think Shelley Mulshine has done this pretty well.

Shelley Mulshine

You can find Shelley's look here

You can find Shelley's look here

Now, I'm not sure who this is, so if anyone knows her name please tell me so as I can credit her..but again, I think she can pull off this whole 'long top + leggings' look.
However, for Autumn and Winter I would, obviously put a jacket on over the top!

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I may continue to update this post throughout Autumn and Winter, if I come across any more looks I like.

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